Electricity Regulatory Authority

Policy, Research & Communication Division


  • Provide leadership for all research and planning activities to advance and accelerate the development of rules, regulations, etc. as required by the Authority;
  • Provide and store information on matters of policy and by the laws issued by the Authority;
  • Maintaining a professional and informative website;
  • Maintain strong working relationships, on behalf of the organization, with licensees, policymakers, and relevant stakeholders.
  • Development, integration, and implementation of a broad range of activities related to the strategic direction and positioning of the organization and its leadership;
  • The ability for strategic planning, change processes, results-based management, and reporting;
  • Preparation of operational plans and targets of the Division;
  • Plan and coordinate the activities of division with other divisions for the smooth operation of BEA’s set targets;
  • Develop strategies for implementation of the operational plans and target of the Division;
  • Support the Secretariat in strengthening the internal capacity of the division and in improving the internal work processes, staff performance, and overall effectiveness of the Division;
  • Participate as a member of various committees, and working groups in achieving the overall objective of the BEA Secretariat;
  • Assist the Secretariat in strategic areas including in the strategic meetings, discussion, and brainstorming sessions;
  • Promotes knowledge development and management through establishing a learning environment in Division;
  • Seek and apply knowledge, information, and best practices from within and outside of Secretariat;
  • Build good networks with utilities and relevant stakeholders; and
  • Guide, train, and mentor the subordinates of the Division to continually drive higher performance.


Mr. Sangay Phuntsho
Chief Policy, Research & Communication Division

Mr. Khando
Dy. Chief ICT Officer

Mr. Tshewang Nidup
Assistant ICT Officer

Ms. Tshering Yangdon
Legal Officer

Ms. Dechen Dolma Wangmo