Electricity Regulatory Authority

Tariff Division


  • Manage and coordinate the preparation of all economic regulations for approval of the Authority, including but not limited to the regulations relating to tariff determination, accounting, reporting, and annual license fees;
  • Supervise in the evaluation of tariff applications for each Licensee and make appropriate recommendations;
  • Review and monitor the various parameters assumed during the tariff review and approval process and its impact on tariff adjustments for consumers;
  • Implement benchmarking or other efficiency studies to support tariff determination;
  • Evaluate power purchase agreements between Licensees and Bhutanese consumers, and prepare recommendations for approval or amendment;
  • Preparation of operational plans and targets of the Division;
  • Plan and coordinate the activities of division with other divisions for the smooth operation of BEA’s set targets;
  • Develop strategies for implementation of the operational plans and target of the Division;
  • Support the Secretariat in strengthening the internal capacity of the division and in improving the internal work processes, staff performance, and overall effectiveness of the Division;
  • Participate as a member of various committees, and working groups in achieving the overall objective of the BEA Secretariat;
  • Assist the Secretariat in strategic areas including in the strategic meetings, discussion, and brainstorming sessions;
  • Promotes knowledge development and management through establishing a learning environment in Division;
  • Seek and apply knowledge, information, and best practices from within and outside of  Secretariat;
  • Build good networks with utilities and relevant stakeholders; and
  • Guide, train, and mentor the subordinates of the Division to continually drive higher performance.

Tariff Team

Mr.Rinchen Dorji
Chief Tariff Division

Mrs. Nermin
Sr. Tariff Officer(EOL)

Mrs. Mindu Wangmo
Sr. Tariff Officer(EOL)

Ms.Rinzin Choden
Tariff Officer

Ms. Chime Wangmo
Tariff Officer

Ms. Kelzang Choden
Tariff Officer

Mr.Tej Bahadur Gurung
Asst.Tariff Officer

Mr. Sonam Phuntsho
Deputy Executive Engineer